Vineyard Surface Water Treatment Plant


Sacramento, California


Sacramento Regional Water Authority

Project Dates

2009 -2012

Services Provided

Preconstruction Management

Bidding/Trade Bidding




The project consists of the development of a 78-acre parcel into a new water treatment facility 50 million gallons per day capacity. This is a conventional water treatment plant that includes processes such as coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. Main Process Structures include 24 million gallons Treated Water Storage and 7000 HP Pump Station Facilities, Solids Handling Facilities includes Filter back was water which will be treated and partially reclaimed. Settled solids are further dewatered by gravity and sent to centrifuges. Centrifuged solids are landfilled and liquid is routed to the sewer. A 35,500 SF Administration and Operations Center is a two-story steel-framed building that houses maintenance, operations, and engineering functions, with stair space allocated for about 35 overall system M & O personnel. This Administration and Operation Center is a LEED Building and certified as LEED Silver Certification.

A 27,500 SF Building is designed for Warehouse and Shop facility. This building houses Warehouse, Meter Shop, Machine Shop, Electrical Shop, Instrumentation Shop, SCAD, and Field crew. Corporation Yard Facilities spread over 8 Acres and services to Future Vehicle Maintenance Building, Covered Parking, Storage Bins, Fueling Area, and Vehicle Wash Area. Other civil site work includes earthwork, grading, paving, Florin Trunk Sewer, CSA & NSA Transmission pipelines and fencing, electrical feed, distribution, and standby power. Dabri, Inc. had worked with the contractor and provided bidding support includes cost estimating and scheduling services for this $205 Million project during the bidding phase.