Underhill Parking Structure - University of Berkeley

Project Location

Berkeley, California


University of California Berkeley Campus

Services Provided

Cost estimating & Scheduling


Brand new schematic design of 4 levels of underground parking structures (1000 Parking Stalls) and Playground at ground level which includes restrooms, elevators, stairs, and baseball playground construction. The proposed building is located on the slop side of the hill and about 311,000 GSF. The site for the proposed parking structure was previously occupied by a concrete parking structure with one level of on-grade parking, one elevated deck of parking, and one elevated deck for an athletic field. Channing Way and Haste Street slope up from west to east and College Avenue is approximately 25’ above the finished grade of the site. The program for the replacement structure is 1,000 stalls with a multipurpose field on top. The field level must be at the level of College Avenue. Entries to the parking structure will be from Channing Way and Haste Street at different levels.