UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Oakland

Project Location

Oakland, California


Children’s Hospital & Research Centre

Services Provided

Cost estimating



Pharmacy Expansion/Robot-Rx Installation

The work of this contract comprises remodeling and expanding of approx. 1782 square feet of the 3rd floor existing Pharmacy. The work will be done in 3 phases with the first being the remodel of an existing material storage area to provide space for a research pharmacy with an office, chemo hood room, anteroom, and hood room. Phase 2 consists of work in the existing main pharmacy rooms which includes remodeling the existing hood room and relocation of hoods to the new hood rooms. The main work room remodel includes ceilings to be replaced, a new ADA unisex toilet, IV prep room and an anteroom. Phase 3 consists of the remodeling of the existing enteral/storage area to accommodate a new robot Rx system (automated distribution system) and remodeling the existing work room.

Health Science Building

This is a brand-new single-story building construction.

Northeast Wing Buildout Project

Northeast Building Buildout Project. Alteration of existing building area to new Laboratory. The work also includes the installation of Owner furnished equipment.