Sunol Yard Improvement Project


Sunol, California


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Project Dates

2017 -2019

Services Provided

Construction Management

Cost Estimating

QA Inspection

Change Order Review



Startup & Testing


The project involved the reconstruction of the SFPUC’s approximately 7.5 acre Sunol Corporation Yard. The Sunol Yard Improvements Project consists of three components: - Sunol Yard Improvements ;-Watershed Center,  & Temple Road Improvements. The Sunol Yard performs an important function for the SFPUC as it provides a central location for the maintenance of East Bay water lines and facilities. The yard is the base from which water department staff can manage, maintain and control all SFPUC east bay water department operations.

The entire site reconfigured to improve operational efficiency, increase sustainability, enhance aesthetics and improve vehicular/ pedestrian circulation. - A landscaped buffer zone will be created between Temple Road and the eastern boundary of the Sunol Yard. New planting areas provide shading and improve site drainage. - New buildings/ structures constructed to replace those that are obsolete to meet the current and future needs of the SFPUC. New structures to be constructed as part of the Sunol Yard Improvements will include: 1. Administration Building; 2. EMT and Radio Shop; 3. Electrical & Plumbing Shop; 4. Paint and Blast Shop; 5. Covered Material Storage Structure; 6. Larger Equipment Covered Storage Structure #1; 7. Larger Equipment Covered Storage Structure #2;  & 8. Larger Equipment Covered Storage Structure #3. All new buildings designed to exceed current California 24 energy standards. LEED Gold certification is targeted. Other scope includes, a new fueling station as well as various other civil site work including creek restoration, underground utility, and security improvements processes and storage facilities.