SFPW/SFMTA Van Ness BRT Project


San Francisco, California


San Francisco Department of Public Works

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The Van Ness Improvement Project will be bringing San Francisco its first Bus Rapid Transit system. Project improvements include bus-only lanes, rapid bus service, signal prioritization for buses, and a suite of safety improvements such as sidewalk extensions, high-visibility crosswalks, audible countdown signals, and more. To maximize the benefits of construction, the city is also replacing major utilities including water, sewer, installation of new overhead trolley contacts, and emergency firefighting water systems. This utility phase includes replacing 22,000 feet of 1800s-era water mains, earthquake resiliency construction, and installing new streetlights. This massive civic improvement project is bringing San Francisco its first Bus Rapid Transit system, a much-needed and globally-proven solution to improve transit service and address traffic congestion on Van Ness Avenue, a major north-south arterial. To maximize the benefits during construction, the project also includes extensive utility maintenance, civic improvements, and safety enhancements that will revitalize this historic corridor.