SFPW/SFMTA Potrero Yard Modernization Project

Project Location

San Francisco, California


San Francisco Department of Public Works

San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Project Dates

2019 – 2020


The project objective includes rebuilding, expanding, and modernizing the SFMTA’s Potrero Yard to meet future transit facility needs. Construct the first SFMTA battery-electric bus transit facility. Create a development that can be funded by public means and where public transportation funds are used only for the bus yard. Increase the City’s supply of housing, especially affordable housing, near transit. With the construction of a 723,000 SF new bus maintenance facility area, 33,000 Commercial Area, and 544,000 SF housing area (575 units), MOHCD has committed funding for the housing portion. The project will be developed by a joint development partner, design, build, and finance a new facility, operate the housing, and maintain common building elements.