SFMTA Bluelight Emergency Telephone Replacement Project

Project Location

San Francisco, California


San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Project Dates

2014 - 2016

Services Provided

Construction Management


The Muni Bluelight project consisted of installing 132 emergency telephones in 10 MUNI stations and across 14 miles of train tracks in the MUNI Metro and Sunset tunnel in downtown San Francisco. The project is a low voltage and communication cable job requiring the installment of rigid conduit, EMT conduit, and wire way. Each of these raceways was installed to run Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) power conductors, communication cable, and Cat 6 wire. In the MUNI tunnel, SCCI utilized company-owned Hi-Rail vehicles to install J-Hook brackets, emergency telephones, and armored cable (metal clad) throughout the tunnel. The hi-rail vehicles were utilized to access the work area, transport material, and act as the working platform. This equipment helped with the overall production of the project to lower costs and improve efficiency. After the installment of the new emergency telephones, a cutover must take place to integrate the new system and deactivate the existing emergency telephone system. Once this process takes place SCCI will demolish all existing emergency telephones from the MUNI system. At the end of the day, there will be a total of 20,000 LF of raceway installed, 132 emergency telephones, 15,000 concrete anchors, 7,500 J-hook Brackets, and 117,000 LF of unarmored cable, and 175,000 LF of armored cable.