Pier 70 Water Front Beach, Park and Pedestrian Trail


San Francisco, California


Port of San Francisco

Project Dates

2019 - 2020

Services Provided

Construction Management


Crane Cove Park is part of the wider regeneration of the Pier 70 shipyard, which was San Francisco's largest shipbuilding facility before it closed down and was turned over to the Port of San Francisco in 1982. The park will be part of the Blue Greenway network of parks, trails, beaches, and bay access points that connects the city to the shore. The slipway itself forms part of the park's contingency for storm water management, providing space for inundation and run-off, along with other elements like water-efficient landscaping and rain gardens. The concrete cribbing and keel blocks that were used to support ships as they were being constructed, meanwhile, are being combined with reclaimed timber to create seating. The park will also feature caf├ęs, a plaza, and public restrooms that will be built in a converted galvanizing building. includes site grading and formation, shoreline reconstruction including a beach and revetment, in-water sediment cap, hardscape, landscaping, custom site furnishings, site lighting, irrigation, stabilization of the historic (non-functional) gantry crane, use of shipyard relics as interpretive elements, building relocation, site utilities, and construction of 7 Acres site development and parking area; As further references to the site's past, rusting and derelict machinery and materials will be retained, with their patinas and states of decay evolving. Similarly, the park's colorful planting will be informed by the flora that naturally colonized the site during the years of its disuse and will help to attract wildlife to the area.