Pier 26 Berth Replacement Project


San Francisco, California


San Francisco Department of Public Works

Project Dates

2016 - 2018

Services Provided

Construction Management services


The Pier 26 Fire Boat Berths project includes the demolition of the existing fender system along the northern apron as required and the construction of three new berths, an access bridge over the railway, and associated utilities. New mooring and fendering systems are also provided. Utilities at the new berths will include potable water, electrical outlets, and lighting. The project included a fence at the Embarcadero end of the first berth and along the inside edge of the apron and a return gate at both ends, and a mooring system with jib guides similar to those existing at Fire Station 35 at Pier 22.5. Other work included plumbing, electrical, fencing, asphalt, concrete paving, concrete, metal fabrication, steel pipe pile, coating, timber new bridge area, and miscellaneous repairs and improvements on the north apron. The construction began in October 2016 and was completed work in 2018. Fireboat service was not affected during construction.