New Milpitas Library

Project Location

Milpitas, California


City of Milpitas

Services Provided

Cost estimating


The new 60,000 Sf Milpitas Public Library is centered around the historic Milpitas Grammar School originally constructed in 1916. New construction bordering on each side of this existing structure consisted of a steel framed structure with structural matt slabs, access flooring, EIFS exterior, and a wide array of interior finishes. The historic building is a multi-use area and included a well-lit courtyard complete with fabric roof system. New north and south wings are nearly transparent offering an abundance of natural light to penetrate the space. Additionally, the building has terrazzo entry spaces, vaulted ceilings, stainless/glass guardrails and a large art glass fa├žade at the buildings corner approach. There are also two elevators and a wheelchair lift.