LAWA - Roadways, Utilities, and Enabling (RUE)

Project Location

Los Angeles, California

Project Dates

2020 - 2022

Services Provided

Project Management

Project Controls


System Management


Under the Roadways, Utilities, and Enabling (RUE) project, several new roadways will be built to provide easier access to the APM stations and improve traffic conditions in the surrounding area. The RUE Project includes: I-405 Southbound off-ramp improvements, Widening Century Boulevard, Widen Westchester Parkway/Arbor-Vitae Street/bike lane, I-105 Ramp Improvements/Tuskegee Way/111th Street widening, CCTV traffic signal improvements, New Southbound Sepulveda Boulevard ramps onto Century Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard/Century Boulevard intersection restriping, Belford Square alleys South of 96th Street, Employee Lot West and associated IT infrastructure improvements, I-405 Northbound auxiliary lane, I-405 Northbound off-ramp to Imperial Highway, New alley West of LA Cienega Boulevard connecting to New 98th Street, ITF East public pick-up/drop-off lot, Bellanca Roadway improvements north of 98th Street, 96th Place cul-de-sac and improvements, Pedestrian circulation to ITF West, Revised vehicular access to P3 and P4,  and Reliant Medical Building demolition.

The first delivery method of RUE is the Utilities and LAMP Enabling Project (LULEP). The LULEP Project includes: Widening CTA service road,  Lot C and E reconfiguration, Parking Structure 4 modifications,  Demolish Travelodge on Aviation Blvd. to make room for new 98th Street,  Metro City Bus Center reconfiguration, New 98th Street, Jetway Boulevard, Closing of Jenny Avenue and re-signaling on Westchester Parkway, Replacement of domestic water line in CTA, Reclaimed water line relocation, 48ā€ Trunk Line, Underground duct bank ay Westchester Parkway/ITF West, Demolish VIP Tours building for New 98th Street, Pedestrian path and waiting area for ā€œGā€ bus, 93rd Street improvements, New duct bank for future RS-X power feed along 96th Street and Vicksburg Avenue, reclaimed water line for ConRAC, 42ā€ storm drain along 94th St., 4.8 kV feed for permanent Jetway Boulevard signals and street lighting