Fulton Playground & Clubhouse

Project Location

San Francisco, California

Project Dates

2012 - 2013

Services Provided

Project management Scheduling


For years, local Richmond District families and residents have enjoyed Fulton Park as a convenient and fun recreational area. The community voted in 2008 to the Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks. Bond to the renovation of Fulton, aimed at maintaining the park's historic presence and ensuring the highest quality of recreational space for decades to come.  A 40,586 square foot park located in the Richmond District is surrounded by single-family homes and is one block away from Golden Gate Park. The existing recreational facilities include a 1,250 square-foot wood-framed stucco clubhouse, a tennis court, two basketball courts, a picnic area, and two children’s play areas. The clubhouse has a kitchen, a multi-purpose room, an office, and restrooms. The planned site upgrades included new school-age playground areas, picnic areas and courts, restoration of pathways, upgrades to site lighting, ADA accessibility, and reconditioning of park landscaping. The clubhouse was renovated to restore historic features as well as deferred maintenance, update mechanical equipment and improve the layout of the kitchen and offices.