Chinese Hospitals Tower and Remodeling of Existing Hospital Building

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San Francisco, California


Chinese Hospital

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Pre-construction Services


Chinese Hospital Tower Schematic Expansion Study for renovation and modification of existing 5 story hospital building as well new 7 story high, 71, 000 square feet new hospital tower with two basement level parking. The new hospital tower will include sixty-bed facilities with Emergency, Sterlite Processing, Imaging, Pharmacy, Admitting, Laboratory, Surgery, ICU/PACU, and CPU facilities. The renovation of the existing hospital includes renovation and remodeling of the existing 33,889 square feet hospital building including the Laboratory, CPU, and other areas.

Chinese Hospital 5th Floor Remodel The 3,000 square-foot renovations included the endoscopy rooms, surgery recovery, and negative pressure treatment and infusion rooms. The work included the demolition of existing rooms to improve the layout, workflow, and increased efficiency on the floor. Seven (7) recovery beds and four (4) infusion beds were added to this floor. A sterilizer, twelve (12) medical gas head wall units, a roll-up door, and a television monitor were installed. The work included new plastic laminate casework, sheet vinyl flooring, high-impact corner guards, and crash rails. This project was OSHPD.

Chinese Hospital, First Floor, Pharmacy and Laboratory Space The addition of approximately 800 square feet of interior space to the first floor of the hospital. Phased addition of approximately 800 square feet of interior space to create a new pharmacy and library complete with a new storefront. The addition involves the installation of new countertop rollup doors to better serve customers and ensure the pharmacy's security when closed, casework, and the installation of exhaust fans. Rather than constructing concrete walls to enclose the new area, a new storefront will be created to better utilize light and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal. Phase two involves the remodel of the 500 square feet of former pharmacy space for laboratory use and the addition of a new staff ADA bathroom.