Bay Division Pipeline Project


Fremont, California

Newark, California


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

Project Dates

2008 - 2010

Services Provided

Construction Management

Planning & Coordination


Project control services


The Bay Division Pipeline System consists of multiples reaches which convey water from the Irvington Tunnel in Fremont to the Pulgas Tunnel in Redwood City. One reach of the proposed Bay Division Pipeline No.5 (BDPL5) which this SWPPP specifically covers is the East Bay Pipeline. It consists of a seven-mile 72” diameter East Bay segment that begins at Mission Boulevard in Fremont continues westward through the cities of Fremont and Newark and terminates at the Newark Valve Lot. The BDPL5 East Bay Pipeline will be constructed entirely within the SFPUC Right-of-Way and it will parallel the two existing rows of BDPL Nos. 1 and 2. Within urban areas, BDPL 5 will be installed similar to BDPL Nos. 1 and 2 which for the most part are buried pipelines. This includes Vault and Control Buildings at three-valve lots, and eight tunnels construction under major highways, and railroad. The new pipeline will cross various creeks and flood channels identified as impaired water body locations. There are 8 creek and flood channel crossings identified at this segment. Crossings will be constructed by open trench during the dry season using a temporary dam to isolate the construction zone from any standing water. Any stream flow would be channeled around the construction zone. Water dewatered from the excavation site will be returned back into the creek, discharged to a flood control channel near the work site, or discharged back into the storm drain system following any required treatment. After construction, the creek or stream shall be restored to its previous condition.