Los Angeles World Airport - Automated People Mover


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles World Airport

Project Dates

2019 - 2022

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The Automated People Mover is an electric train system on a 2.25-mile elevated guideway with six stations total – three inside the Central Terminal Area (CTA) and three Outside. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) broke ground on the APM project in March of 2019 and anticipates that the system will be operational in 2023. Pre-construction activities—such as utility relocations, geotechnical investigations, and surveying—began in 2018, and construction activities are underway at the future Maintenance and Storage Facility and within the CTA. Construction of the guideway—the elevated track along which the APM run—started in Fall 2019. The construction begins on the six stations in late 2019 and the first APM car delivered in late 2020. Major construction will be complete in mid-2022, at which point extensive testing will begin for several months. The APM will be open for passenger service in 2023. The APM trains, elevators, escalators, and moving sidewalks provide quick access to the terminals and stations. Passengers will be able to view real-time flight information, and public art in a variety of media, and will see the iconic Theme Building from a brand new perspective as the train enters the CTA.