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The BRT Project represents an alteration to the existing physical environment along the approximate 9.5 miles route in Oakland and San Leandro by generally repurposing two of the four existing vehicle lanes as dedicated bus lanes. The public right-of-way (ROW) along the BRT route is constrained by existing development, underground and above-ground utilities, mature trees, narrow (avg. 10-foot) sidewalks, and existing curb-to-curb widths. Major construction occurs at each BRT Station, located at about 1/3-mile increments, and minor construction is completed elsewhere along the corridor. Major construction occurs at BRT Station generally and includes reconstructing the street to provide station platforms and amenities, signalization, intersection and crosswalk upgrades, sidewalk upgrades and replacement, and repaving to provide two dedicated bus lanes and two vehicle lanes. Minor construction - will occur between BRT Stations and generally be limited to curb ramp and crosswalk upgrades, sidewalk repair, and repaving to provide two dedicated bus lanes and two vehicle lanes. As part of the project, 45 bus stations are constructed, underground utilities get relocated, corridor lighting improved, pedestrian crossings getting enhanced, new traffic signals are installed, existing signals get modified, traffic signals are interconnected with a fiber-optic network, and a Transit Signal Priority (TSP) is installed and activated. The actual cost is increased due to underground unforeseen conditions.