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What We Do

Dabri, Inc. has depth knowledge of planning, programing and project management. Dabri, Inc. provides program and project management, project control, resident and office engineering, cost estimating, value engineering, cost analysis, constructability review, life cycle cost analysis, project cost control, scheduling, document control and discoveries, cost peer review, claim cost analysis, auditing, LEED consulting, SWPPP/environmental compliance, health and safety QA/QC oversight and as needed consulting services.


About Us

Dabri, Inc. is a professional project management services provider and serving public as well as private sector since 2001. Dabri, Inc. is certified as CBE, LBE, WBE, MBE, DBE, UDBE and SBE with various agencies. The principals of Dabri have worked together for many years. This long-term association creates a stable, collegial atmosphere that permeates every aspect of business. Our employees have a history of longevity with the company that provides clients with a continuity of expertise and a strong commitment to quality, on-time performance.



“ Dabri, Inc.'s professional staff have worked with us on various projects(Industrial, Bio-Tech laboratories, medical clinics, affordable housing, hospitals). He has been pro-active in bringing to our attentions many issues where design and site conditions conflicted, and in a proactive approach, provided intelligent, quick and cost effective solutions”

H. Steinhaus,
Project Manager